Shortlist.Me enables students and recent graduates to practice their interview skills and recreates the online interview process that they may experience when applying for jobs or courses. The aim is to build confidence in interviews and it is a great way to practice in a safe environment. It’s a great starting point to find out what sort of questions might be asked, as the interviews on Shortlist.Me have been created by the Careers Service based on popular interviews questions and also from real graduate employers from a range of industries. There is also the opportunity to do a strengths based assessment and see how you react to employer based scenarios, all of which will help you to be employable and recognise your strengths and things to think about before starting graduate level employment.

Students and recent graduates can access Shortlist.Me via their account through the resources tab, or can access us directly on our . Please note, graduates will need to contact the Careers Service to access a code in order to register and use the platform. After registering, they can select, or search for the interview/task that’s right for them and complete the login details before being emailed a link to start the interview. Also, if they have seen a member of the Careers Service and they recommend completing a certain interview, a link to the interview can be sent directly to your inbox. After answering each question, individuals will be given the opportunity to self-assess their response using careers and employer insight as a guide. They will also be able to utilise this feedback to enhance their interview performance by booking a Careers appointment within to go through the interview with an Adviser or Coach.

Before beginning, individuals must have a working webcam, microphone, and a good internet connection. If using a laptop or PC, Shortlist.Me works best with Google Chrome. Interviews can be accessed on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets by downloading the Shortlist.Me app. It is recommended that individuals choose a time and place that’s right so they can concentrate without any distractions. When receiving a copy of the interview via email after the session, we recommend giving it a couple of hours before you review it, as then you will also receive A.I feedback about your speech rate and filler words.

For further interview information contact careers@newman.ac.uk. Please see the . The personal data will be stored by 7Dzʿ Careers Service for up to 12 months and then securely deleted.

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